More use of private mail

James Mahaffy (
Tue, 25 May 1999 09:26:54 -0500


Please avoid sending to the group if the primary purpose of the message
is intended for a private individual. I now know that Steve will
forward Bill's comments to Bob G. and fortunately Bill agrees. This is
too busy (noisy) a group and all three of the letters could have been
better handled by private e-mail. It really does cut down on noise.
But it does sound like the civility has increased a bit which is helpful
for communication. I know Bob G. a bit and I have a feeling he he will
have much less patience than Steve and probably will not respond.
Although it might be good for him to know that not all evangelicals are

btw By the way please do not pass any of my posts on to anyone (even
thought the archives are public), without asking me first. I try and
post first for this group and not the world.

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