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I've had several discussions with others (outside of this listserv) on the
accuracy and validity of dating methods. Can anybody explain each of the
three methods used in Glenn's post? Thanks!

Adrian Teo

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There has been an important result published this week in the Journal of
Human Evolution which has implications for the first time humans sailed
out of sight of land, for the existence of spirituality prior to 60,000
years and thus has implications for Hugh Ross' claim that if
spirituality existed before 60,000 years ago then the Bible is wrong.
(Hugh Ross, "Art and Fabric Shed New Light on Human History," Facts &
Faith, 9:3 (1995)p. 2;Hugh Ross, "Chromosome Study Stuns Evolutionists,"
Facts & Faith, 9:3,(1995) p. 3 The discovery concerns the date of Mungo
man, a robust, form of homo sapiens. The skeleton has just been
re-dated by 3 different methods all giving concordant dates of between
68,000 and 56,000 years BP with the mean being 62,000 years ago. The
three methods were uranium series, electron spin resonance and optically
stimulated luminescence.