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I knew Brian Stone when I was at the University of Western Australia. The
university position you have for him is correct. He is a Baptist, and a few
years ago had strong fundamentalist leanings. If he has published anything
in the Christian area, I have never come across it. He may well regard
himself as a creation scientist, but I would certainly not have regarded
him as an "outstanding, outspoken creation scientist", in the sense that he
has made any contributions to creation science thinking. He has a good
reputation as a mechanical engineer.

Gareth Jones

>In today's local paper, a writer has cited the names of
>three "outstanding, outspoken creation scientists of today."
>Lane Lester, professor of biology at Emmanuel College
>Dr. Brian Stone, B.Sc.,Ph-D., professor and head of the Department of
>Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Austrailia
>Dr. Ian Macreadie, who won the Austrailian Society for Microbiology's top
>Does anyone have any information on anyor all of these three people?
>Do they exist?
>Are they "creationists?"
>Are they "outspoken" in their creationism?
>Are they of good reputation?
>Obviously I'm thinking of a rebuttal letter, but maybe not....

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