Re: Reading Behe... Any thoughts?

David Campbell (
Fri, 21 May 1999 13:25:24 -0400

First, I should apologize and correct the spelling of Denis Lamoureux's name.

>Fine. I have several vials of complex carbon based chemical here so I
>will put them in a vat and wait. No problem.

Depending on the chemicals chosen, you may get a series of complex
interactions going, which would not occur unless several different
chemicals are present.

>Actually, you are right about complex things being built from simpler
>things. This is done everyday by us humanoids and we can argue off line
>about whether this is intellengent. A good example is a film just
>released called Phantom Menace.

True, it is often debatable whether human actions are intelligent.

For some complex biological molecular systems, there is evidence that they
were built up by duplication of existing genes and mutation so that the
function of at least one of the two copies changed slightly. To me, this
looks like an adequate method for God to have used in the cases I am
familiar with. Our ignorance of molecular systems is still vast, though.

David C.