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Fri, 21 May 1999 08:38:02 +0200

At 15:38 20.05.99 -0400, John & Carol Burgeson wrote:
>In today's local paper, a writer has cited the names of
>three "outstanding, outspoken creation scientists of today."
>Lane Lester, professor of biology at Emmanuel College

I guess that Lane Lester is one of the two authors of the book
"The natural limits to biological change"
by Lane Lester and Raymond Bohlin, 1984, Probe Ministries

I don't have the book so I can't say anything about it. But it is in
the product catalogue at Access Network, thus the ID-people may
be sympathetic about Lester's views. But I don't know whether
Lester identifies with the ID movement.

>Dr. Brian Stone, B.Sc.,Ph-D., professor and head of the Department of
>Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Austrailia
>Dr. Ian Macreadie, who won the Austrailian Society for Microbiology's top
>Does anyone have any information on anyor all of these three people?
>Do they exist?
>Are they "creationists?"
>Are they "outspoken" in their creationism?
>Are they of good reputation?
>Obviously I'm thinking of a rebuttal letter, but maybe not....

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