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At 07:09 PM 5/18/99 EDT, Kevin wrote:
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>> People have a notion of what it is to be alive and is obviously governed by
>> the living things that surrounds us. In a theory of the synthesis of life,
>> there will invariably be some "transitional" forms of life that would
>> neither be common nor obvious. Therein will reside the disputes of whether
>> life arises from nonliving matter or not.
>Most lay common sense notions of physical reality turn out to be wrong; as a
>physicist you should know that very well. So a common sense notion of life
>is irrelevant. The dispute over whether protocells are life will not be
>resolved until people realize that the only definition really significant to
>the debate is a biological one, and a biological definition of life will be
>closely tied to molecular and cellular biological theory.

May I assume then that you will be skeptical about an author who gives
a definition of life obtained from Websters dictionary?

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