John & Carol Burgeson (burgy@compuserve.com)
Thu, 20 May 1999 15:38:05 -0400

In today's local paper, a writer has cited the names of
three "outstanding, outspoken creation scientists of today."

Lane Lester, professor of biology at Emmanuel College

Dr. Brian Stone, B.Sc.,Ph-D., professor and head of the Department of
Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Austrailia

Dr. Ian Macreadie, who won the Austrailian Society for Microbiology's top

Does anyone have any information on anyor all of these three people?
Do they exist?
Are they "creationists?"
Are they "outspoken" in their creationism?
Are they of good reputation?

Obviously I'm thinking of a rebuttal letter, but maybe not....