Inge wrote:

John W. Burgeson (
Wed, 19 May 1999 15:04:53 -0600

Inge wrote:

"Could someone - Burgy or Glenn or someone else - just in a few sentences
explain what this listserver is - a little bit about it's history; who
contributes and what topics are discussed there (I guess that it has to
do with the evolution in some way)."

Comment 1. They parallel one another a lot. I've quit EVOLUTION, partly
that basis.

Comment 2. See the message you get when you subscribe. That will help.

Comment 3. Anyone at all may contribute to either.

Comment 4. The ASA LISTSERV is specifically directed to, and advertised
to, ASA members. But anyone is welcome.

Comment 5. LISTSERVs are dynamic (may I say "evolving" entities). They
change over time.


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