Life in the Lab -- Review Paper
Tue, 18 May 1999 11:27:09 EDT

Greetings to One and All:

A couple of members of this list have suggested that I put my information on
Fox's work together and write a review article for a journal. I have chewed
it over and decided to give it a shot. It may take me a year or two to
complete, but I believe it would be worthwhile. I'm not sure what journal(s)
to send it to or even if it would more appropriate for the lay press (like
_Discover_) or a semi-scientific journal (like _Scientific American_), but I
can work that out as I go along.

In any event, I will be occasionally posting (or offerring to send) updates
on my work. I would therefore appreciate any comments anyone would be
willing to make (and I do mean **ANY** comments from **ANYONE**), including
suggestions, critiques, and reviews. I will respond to constructive comments
only, though. To start with I would like to present the barest of
preliminary outlines.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


Working Title: Laboratory Synthesis of Life: Implications for a Biological
Definition of Life

Introductory Remarks
Part One: Metaphysical vs. biological definitions of life, and the
implications of synthesis of life in the lab
Part Two: Overview of proteinoid microsphere protocell research
Part Three: Protocells in light of cell theory
Concluding Remarks: Protocells meet all the requirements of cell theory so
they should be considered alive in the biological sense

Kevin L. O'Brien