Re: Private lists like CRSnet]

James Mahaffy (
Sat, 15 May 1999 21:19:33 -0500

Glenn Morton in a recent post said:


> CRSnet and the ID list are examples of people who are really afraid to
> come out and fight for their views in the rough and tumble world of
> ideas. They are afraid of being shown to have only emporer's clothing.
> --
> glenn

Welcome back Glenn. And Glenn lets not paint everyone with the same
brush. Yes some YEC's are a bit intimidated but I think it is hardly
fair to paint ID's with that brush [I am not one - but I communicate
with both ID's and TE's - no wonder I never get my Carboniferous
palynology research done].

As you know on the original evolution list Phil Johnson invited Terry
Grey, Van Til and some others and for awhile (until the discussion was
dominated by non IDers), there were some very good exchanges. I know I
really grew to a greater respect for some thoughtful TE's from Terry's
posts. Now if I am not mistaken IDers will be engaging ASAers at their
national meetings and if I am not mistaken have done so in the past.
That is quite different than Morris pulling out of the original ASA.

Again this is not to defend the ID position. They do it here and
elsewhere well enough themselves, but simply to state that an internos
discussion or a private list is not always bad and it is hardly fair to
paint ID with the same brush you are painting CRS folks.

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