Re: Life in the Lab -- A Challenge for Art Chadwick
Wed, 12 May 1999 23:09:12 EDT

In a message dated 5/12/99 11:22:50 AM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

> Are these "nominations on a frequent basis" the same level of credibility
> as your claim tha you have been nominated to the National Academy of
> Science on a frequent basis?

If I were you Art, I would be very carefull about making this an ad hominem
debate. I have been able the demonstrate that at least a half dozen of your
past claims are bogus, whereas you have been unable (or unwilling) to refute
any of my claims, including the one you bring up above. Besides, you are
simply trying to avoid taking responsibility for your claims. I want to see
references supporting your latest claims, otherwise I will assume that they
too are bogus. After all, I responded to your challenge on this issue; fair
is fair, right?

> Who is "they" and what is "a frequent basis"?

If you knew the Miami science professors as well as you imply, you should
know the answer to that better than I. One such "they" is Henry Stanford,
who was president of the University of Miami while Fox was there. By his own
admission he nominated Fox for a Nobel prize each of the last sixty years up
until Fox died. Is that frequent enough for you? I doubt that he would have
done that if Fox's biologist colleagues at that same university thought he
was a charlatan and made fun of his work. But then that's probably just
another of your bogus claims, right?

Kevin L. O'Brien