Re: Coral Growth Rates

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 12 May 1999 22:24:10 -0400

Art Chadwick wrote:

>Note that the fastest rates for reefs9 and for framebuilders10 do
>allow for the growth of the Eniwetok reef, which has a thickness of 1,405
>meters, in less than 3,400 years. These fastest rates for reefs are based on
>soundings, which are the most direct and simple measurements and are
probably more
>reliable than the less-direct methods that give slower growth rates. Such
>indicate that the rate of coral reef growth does not present as great a
>challenge to the biblical concept of creation a few thousand years ago as is
>sometimes claimed.

I thought this was strange comment from someone so steeped in geological
Then I checked out the web address.


SWAU stands for Southwestern Adventist University. As most of us who are
in theology know, Seventh Day Adventists are committed to a six 24-hour day
period. Could we not say then that your scientific expertise could be
somewhat by your philosophical committment to Seventh Day Adventist dogma?

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