RE: Life in the Lab -- A Challenge for Art Chadwick

Pim van Meurs (
Wed, 12 May 1999 09:11:28 -0700

At 12:33 AM 5/12/99 EDT, Kevin wrote:

>To use your own words against you: "References, please." Specifically,
>us references in which a significant number of his Miami colleagues
>effectively say, "Fox is a bit of a charlatan." I could find no such
>negative references when I did my search, and my contacts at Miami have
>nothing but praise for Fox. They did after all nominate him for the Nobel
>Prize on a frequent basis.

Are these "nominations on a frequent basis" the same level of credibility
as your claim tha you have been nominated to the National Academy of
Science on a frequent basis? Who is "they" and what is "a frequent basis"?

Hey Art, does this mean you are going to provide references as well ? Or is this a one way street ?

Just curious