Re: Life in the Lab -- Fox and the Nobel Prize

Moorad Alexanian (
Wed, 12 May 1999 09:57:04 -0400

I will have to take the time and do my own research. I just spoke to a
biologist in our university and he had never heard of Fox. He also said that
had Fox accomplished what I said you claim Fox did, he would have heard of
Fox's monumental accomplishment. In the meantime, R.I.P.


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>> I do not know the literature....
>Then you really cannot judge the validity of Fox's claims on scientific
>grounds, now can you? Which is why you have been avoiding doing so.
>You are also being hypocritical; you chastise me for supposedly making
>that cannot be backed up by evidence (even after I do just that), when your
>entire position is based on ignorance instead of knowledge.
>So much for objectivity....
>Kevin L. O'Brien