Re: Life in the Lab -- Fox and the Nobel Prize
Wed, 12 May 1999 08:32:19 EDT

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> I spent 2.5 years as a visiting professor at Southern Illinois University
> and never heard a thing about Fox. However, as a physics graduate student
> Indiana University in Bloomington, I heard about Hermann Joseph
> Nobel Laureate in Medicine for the discovery of the production of mutations
> by means of X-ray irradiation. In my humble opinion an unambiguous creation
> of life in a test tube would be orders of magnitude more important than
> Muller's work. Where is the Nobel Prize for Fox??? In fact, I even called
> a former colleague from SIU who spent many years there and he also had
> heard of Fox.

And I have colleagues at SIU who knew Fox for years and greatly admired him.
So what? Who knew whom and for how long is irrelevant. Only the evidence is
relevant. Art and Moorad should stop hiding behind these strawman arguments
and debate the evidence, or admit they cannot and go away.

Kevin L. O'Brien