Re: I am sick of Compromise! That is why I am for Ken Ham because

Moorad Alexanian (
Tue, 11 May 1999 09:33:26 -0400

Death was already there before the institution of animal sacrifice. God has
created things and such things are governed by laws that men seek to find by
doing science. Similarly, in the realm of the free will, viz. the
spiritual, there are laws with consequences. Death is the consequence of the
breaking of such laws. These are the moral laws we were told by God---such
laws cannot be deduced by man although there is a vestige of the unfallen
man in us all.


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Subject: Re: I am sick of Compromise! That is why I am for Ken Ham because
hehonors the Word of God

>You wrote:Isn't it amazing that GOD, not man, ordered the Israelites in
>wildernesss to institute the "disgusting" practice of animal sacrifice.
>How could a loving God do such a thing? How could DEATH be a part of his
>When you understand Genesis it make sense. Death is a consquence of man
>God is Just! The wages of sin is death? And the soul that sins shall
>>And then, He ordained that HIS OWN SON DIE. Can you believe it?????
>>I mean, why would God use DEATH as a part of his plan......
>For His Glory! Rev. 13:9!!
>>I hope you realize that I am being sarcastic. I live in fear and
>>trembling before the almighty creator of the universe and I love him
>>with all my heart and strength and mind.
>You Ask: Who are you Mr Streutker, to determine what our God would or
>not do.
>DEATH is apparently not something GOD is hesitant to use. Yes In Deed!
>Who am I. I am a person who reads God's Word and believes it.
>Do you believe Genesis 1-2? If not, then who are you to say that God's
>is wrong and that Creation was not in six ordinary day (See Ex.20:11)?
>If you
>truly love and fear the Almighty as you say, than why do you believe
>men and not Him?
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