Re: I am sick of Compromise! That is why I am for Ken Ham because he honors the Word of God
Tue, 11 May 1999 01:42:15 -0300


You wrote:Isn't it amazing that GOD, not man, ordered the Israelites in
wildernesss to institute the "disgusting" practice of animal sacrifice.

How could a loving God do such a thing? How could DEATH be a part of his

When you understand Genesis it make sense. Death is a consquence of man
God is Just! The wages of sin is death? And the soul that sins shall

>And then, He ordained that HIS OWN SON DIE. Can you believe it?????
>I mean, why would God use DEATH as a part of his plan......

For His Glory! Rev. 13:9!!

>I hope you realize that I am being sarcastic. I live in fear and
>trembling before the almighty creator of the universe and I love him
>with all my heart and strength and mind.

You Ask: Who are you Mr Streutker, to determine what our God would or
not do.

DEATH is apparently not something GOD is hesitant to use. Yes In Deed!

Who am I. I am a person who reads God's Word and believes it.

Do you believe Genesis 1-2? If not, then who are you to say that God's
is wrong and that Creation was not in six ordinary day (See Ex.20:11)?
If you
truly love and fear the Almighty as you say, than why do you believe
men and not Him?

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