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Sun, 09 May 1999 09:26:56 -0700

Dear Paul:

Affairs of State, although tragic, are still temporal and are brought for
consequence to action. God is not the author of sin, and He does not take
pleasure in pain or death either.

But - Nations and states have and do receive charge for bringing wrath on
nations that do practice evil. Why Yugoslavia? I don't know, but what can
be said is that until the forced expulsions and political oppression from
Serbia on Kosovo comes to a hault, it is unlikely that the consequence of
NATO and the world "at large" will stop.

When christians fail to observe God's law and fail to recognize His image
in others, the moral imparitive is lost and tragedy follows. Evil empires
flying christian crosses are still evil empires. I am sorry for what will
follow, and I will pray for you and your people.

Best Wishes,
William - N6RKY

Paul Arveson wrote:
> News from the ground. For your prayers.
> Paul Arveson
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> Date: Saturday, May 08, 1999 4:21 PM
> Subject: Re: advice from a Christian brother
> >Dear brothers and sisters, Samuel is here!
> >
> >I am writing this email with tears in my eyes. Yesterday during the
> >day(in 11:30) in the center of city of Nis(second largest city in
> >Yugoslavia), when people were on Market place and streets, American F
> >116 bombed with cluster bombs Market place and hospital in the down town
> >of Nis. 20 people are killed and 70 hard wounded. Christians from Nis
> >told
> >us that dead and wounded bodies were on streets and blood was
> >everywhere. Teriblle!! I sow some of this pictures in today
> >newspaper. Pictures are terrible, I can't imagine how that looks in
> >live. Of course Pentagon said that was mistake, pilot wanted to bombed
> >airport who are 6 km from the center of Nis. NO COMMENT!!!
> > I am asking my self if normal people from the west will see
> >or be blind of this terrible and devil actions of "World Peace Forces".
> >
> >Last night in Belgrade was the worst night on NATO aggression on
> >Yugoslavia. All night NATO bombed. First bombed main distribution
> >centers
> >of Electricity and again Belgrade is with out electricity and some parts
> >with out water. Only one part of Belgrade has electricity, where is our
> >student office. After that NATO bombed with 5 missile down town of
> >Belgrade. Last target was China's embassy(with 4 missal) 1 km from my
> >building and bombed hotel Yugoslavia on river Danube . I cant not
> >explain that moment of detonation , all building was shaking. I was on
> >1st floor, my parents on 28th floor, Can you imagine how they feel. In
> >China's embassy were 30 china people. 26 wounded very hard and 4 killed
> >people and one is journalist from Peking. All of them are chines
> >citizens. How Pentagon and NATO will explain this action, mistake??? Why
> >NATO did that? Do they want WW 3????
> >
> >All night we heard terrible detonation with shaking and sound of
> >airplanes. We prayed and read Bible in that time. Good experience.
> >
> >My father and mother are well. They will move somewhere until Thusday
> >when father will get results from some tests. If situation will be same
> >with electr. and water they must move somewhere(Hungary or ...).
> >
> >Preacher from Pec , Simo Ralevic is safe for now. One brother from that
> >city is wounded in head from metal parts of NATO bomb. There is danger
> >if that parts will go directly in brain. Doctors wanted to do surgery
> >but
> >electricity gone. Please pray for him. His second name is Ralevic.
> >
> >I have been invited to preach tomorrow in one church 60 km North-West
> >from Belgrade a city called Sabac. I am going tomorrow to encourage them
> >and will stay until Monday. Please pray for me!!!
> >
> >Situation for now in Belgrade concerning food is OK for now , but
> >problem is that people dont have money, because payments are late and
> >minimized them because of army expenses. We are in need here in
> >Yugoslavia and we will appreciate every your donation.
> >
> >I finally find way where you can sent money for help: Follow carefully.
> >This is account of one brother(Dragoslav) who is living in one city 10
> >km from Hungary-Yugoslav border. He is my good friend and brother. When
> >you will sent money , he will take money and bring them to the border
> >and I or some sister will take money from him.
> >
> >account number: KO 10490
> >who sent: your name(for Samuel Petrovski)
> >
> >When you will sent money , please inform me when did you sent and how
> >much that I will know when and how much to expect:
> >
> >Your donation will be use for:
> >1-Food and basic needs for my family and me
> >2-Food and basic needs for church members(especially students and people
> >in need) in Belgrade
> >3-food and other basic needs for Believers and other people from other
> >cities in Yugoslavia(Novi Sad,Nis,Kosovo)
> >4-to buy Bibles and New testaments for people
> >
> >Dear prayer warriors, please pray for:
> >
> >Peace to come soon
> >All People from Yugoslavia who are suffering(Albanians and Serbs)
> >NATO will stop killing civilians
> >Nis , Belgrade and Kosovo
> >Electricity, water and food
> >Milosevich,Kilinton,Olbrajy,Yelcinj and other people which decision are
> >very important
> >my family, to find place where to move
> >me , Lords guidance, peace, love and encouragement
> >My trip tomorrow.
> >
> >May God bless you in supporting his kingdom in Yugoslavia
> >
> >Samuel Petrovski
> >
> >
> >

William A. Wetzel
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