Fw: advice from a Christian brother

Paul Arveson (bridges@his.com)
Sun, 9 May 1999 10:49:19 -0400

News from the ground. For your prayers.

Paul Arveson
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>Dear brothers and sisters, Samuel is here!
>I am writing this email with tears in my eyes. Yesterday during the
>day(in 11:30) in the center of city of Nis(second largest city in
>Yugoslavia), when people were on Market place and streets, American F
>116 bombed with cluster bombs Market place and hospital in the down town
>of Nis. 20 people are killed and 70 hard wounded. Christians from Nis
>us that dead and wounded bodies were on streets and blood was
>everywhere. Teriblle!! I sow some of this pictures in today
>newspaper. Pictures are terrible, I can't imagine how that looks in
>live. Of course Pentagon said that was mistake, pilot wanted to bombed
>airport who are 6 km from the center of Nis. NO COMMENT!!!
> I am asking my self if normal people from the west will see
>or be blind of this terrible and devil actions of "World Peace Forces".
>Last night in Belgrade was the worst night on NATO aggression on
>Yugoslavia. All night NATO bombed. First bombed main distribution
>of Electricity and again Belgrade is with out electricity and some parts
>with out water. Only one part of Belgrade has electricity, where is our
>student office. After that NATO bombed with 5 missile down town of
>Belgrade. Last target was China's embassy(with 4 missal) 1 km from my
>building and bombed hotel Yugoslavia on river Danube . I cant not
>explain that moment of detonation , all building was shaking. I was on
>1st floor, my parents on 28th floor, Can you imagine how they feel. In
>China's embassy were 30 china people. 26 wounded very hard and 4 killed
>people and one is journalist from Peking. All of them are chines
>citizens. How Pentagon and NATO will explain this action, mistake??? Why
>NATO did that? Do they want WW 3????
>All night we heard terrible detonation with shaking and sound of
>airplanes. We prayed and read Bible in that time. Good experience.
>My father and mother are well. They will move somewhere until Thusday
>when father will get results from some tests. If situation will be same
>with electr. and water they must move somewhere(Hungary or ...).
>Preacher from Pec , Simo Ralevic is safe for now. One brother from that
>city is wounded in head from metal parts of NATO bomb. There is danger
>if that parts will go directly in brain. Doctors wanted to do surgery
>electricity gone. Please pray for him. His second name is Ralevic.
>I have been invited to preach tomorrow in one church 60 km North-West
>from Belgrade a city called Sabac. I am going tomorrow to encourage them
>and will stay until Monday. Please pray for me!!!
>Situation for now in Belgrade concerning food is OK for now , but
>problem is that people dont have money, because payments are late and
>minimized them because of army expenses. We are in need here in
>Yugoslavia and we will appreciate every your donation.
>I finally find way where you can sent money for help: Follow carefully.
>This is account of one brother(Dragoslav) who is living in one city 10
>km from Hungary-Yugoslav border. He is my good friend and brother. When
>you will sent money , he will take money and bring them to the border
>and I or some sister will take money from him.
>account number: KO 10490
>who sent: your name(for Samuel Petrovski)
>When you will sent money , please inform me when did you sent and how
>much that I will know when and how much to expect:
>Your donation will be use for:
>1-Food and basic needs for my family and me
>2-Food and basic needs for church members(especially students and people
>in need) in Belgrade
>3-food and other basic needs for Believers and other people from other
>cities in Yugoslavia(Novi Sad,Nis,Kosovo)
>4-to buy Bibles and New testaments for people
>Dear prayer warriors, please pray for:
>Peace to come soon
>All People from Yugoslavia who are suffering(Albanians and Serbs)
>NATO will stop killing civilians
>Nis , Belgrade and Kosovo
>Electricity, water and food
>Milosevich,Kilinton,Olbrajy,Yelcinj and other people which decision are
>very important
>my family, to find place where to move
>me , Lords guidance, peace, love and encouragement
>My trip tomorrow.
>May God bless you in supporting his kingdom in Yugoslavia
>Samuel Petrovski