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I would suggest you contact the education departments of Christian colleges
that you are comfortable with. My background is Christian Reformed and the
colleges I am suggesting reflect this. If you have access to the Internet,
you should check out Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI) at , Dordt College (Sioux center, IA) at , The Kings University College (Edmonton, AB), Trinity
College (Chicago area), Redeemer College (Ancaster, ON). Most of these
colleges offer degrees in elementary education and can steer you in the
right direction.

Don't be discouraged by any negative responses (like the one by John Neal)
you may get on this list. I just opened up the Dordt College home page; it
contains the comment "opening minds to God's world." I think that your wife
is going to do that. Dordt offers a course entitled "teaching science in the
elementary school, and I'm sure that other Christian colleges do as well.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Chuck Vandergraaf
Calvin College '63
Pinawa, MB

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> Subject: Home School Science Curriculum
> Hi. My wife is just beginning homeschooling our 5 year old. She's found
> a
> great Christian curriculum that is really effective for teaching him. The
> one problem is that the science portion is distinctly YEC, which is not
> what
> we wish to teach him. Granted, at this stage, he's only learning really
> basic stuff and we could modify the curriculum on the fly, but we'd like
> to
> replace that portion so that we have a program in place for the next
> several
> years. At any rate, I'm interested in any links, resources, curriculum,
> or
> sage advice regarding how to teach Theocentric non-YEC science. TIA.
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