Re: Life in the Lab -- Fox and the Nobel Prize
Sat, 8 May 1999 02:26:34 EDT

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> I do not see anything about life in the titles you submitted. Please
> explain!

Art was asking for references of Fox's articles in _Nature_, _Science_ and
other top peer-reviewed journals. The articles I cited are not ones in which
Fox claims that he created life, but they are a few of his earlier papers
that establish the factual basis for his later claim that he did synthesize
life in the lab. I will be posting an essay this weekend that will contain
more references, but I have already given a reference in which Fox states
that he created life in the lab. It is his symposium posted at that website;
I even posted a text version of the symposium to this listserv. Of course,
Art, David and you have ignored it in favor of maintaining your collective
ignorance, but if you want evidence that demonstrates that Fox's protocells
are alive, you'll find it there. Go read it.

Kevin L. O'Brien