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William A. Wetzel (
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Your points below are excellent, biblical, and hard hitting! I also would
suggest academic apologetics should not be overlooked though. Neglect for
intellectual growth (in any facit of life) is not a good thing. And I did
learn apologetics RELUCTANTLY from some very special friends of mine. The
lessons I learned though were most satisfying though.

Yes Doug "WB6NUD"... you are included here too... :)

And in the process I learned more about the philosophy of science also. I
also, recently, learned from a youth minister and "arm chair philosopher"
at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Orange --> That academic faith is just
as important as our devotion to Christ. Too him I owe great thanks :)

Best Wishes,
William - N6RKY

Gladwin Joseph wrote:
> Just some thoughts on apologetics and justification of beliefs in
> response to WAyne Watson's post.
> Why can't we evaluate our belief by its effects? In the same way we
> know of gravity by its effects. So in the case of Mother Theresa
> doesn't her life of self-sacrificing service vindicate her beliefs.
> Jesus said (my paraphrase) "if you do not believe my words at least
> believe for the sake of the works that i do...". In another place He
> says " By one's fruit shall one know where [one's heart is or belief
> is]". In other words beliefs are ratified by one's life. We spend so
> much effort and energy (it seems) on verbal apologetics but do we pay
> as much attention to an apologetic of Life. Our lives as individuals
> and as a community ought to be our primary apologia to the world. I
> believe there is no more powerful apologetic than the life hidden in
> Christ and living His life (life that is crucified/risen).
> The Just shall live by faith and that does not change until we enter
> Shalom and have a good Sabbath rest,
> Gladwin

William A. Wetzel
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