Re[2]: visions of what?!?

Gladwin Joseph (
Fri, 7 May 1999 18:51:56 -0700

Just some thoughts on apologetics and justification of beliefs in
response to WAyne Watson's post.

Why can't we evaluate our belief by its effects? In the same way we
know of gravity by its effects. So in the case of Mother Theresa
doesn't her life of self-sacrificing service vindicate her beliefs.
Jesus said (my paraphrase) "if you do not believe my words at least
believe for the sake of the works that i do...". In another place He
says " By one's fruit shall one know where [one's heart is or belief
is]". In other words beliefs are ratified by one's life. We spend so
much effort and energy (it seems) on verbal apologetics but do we pay
as much attention to an apologetic of Life. Our lives as individuals
and as a community ought to be our primary apologia to the world. I
believe there is no more powerful apologetic than the life hidden in
Christ and living His life (life that is crucified/risen).

The Just shall live by faith and that does not change until we enter

Shalom and have a good Sabbath rest,