Re: aspartame
Fri, 7 May 1999 20:38:17 EDT

Hi Jim,

You wrote,

<< Paul,

Your chemistry is a bit screwy.

There is no methanol in aspartame. It is a methyl ester.

Methanol doesn't break down into carcinogens (formaldehyde).
Formaldehyde is an oxidation product of methanol, not a breakdown
product. Methanol isn't absorbed more rapidly if stored longer or
heated. It would be produced by hydrolysis of aspartame if heated or
stored for a long time.>>

You are no doubt correct on all counts. Whitaker's letter is for the public
at large; and I was simply quoting or paraphrasing it.

<<When I did a literature search on aspartame a year ago, I didn't find
the articles you listed. I suspect they aren't from the mainstream
scientific literature (referenced by the National Library of Medicine).
Do you know anything about the journals you listed?>>

I know little of these journals. I do see that 3 of the 4 have been
published for the last 34 to 42 years; so, apparently they are not flash in
the pan stuff. I believe the J of Applied Nutrition is at the local medical

Because of the bias against nutritional therapies (see my reply to Chuck V),
the establishment has been loathe to publish or index journals of such a
nature. I know this sounds like kooky-ville; but, my research in the last
few years has opened my eyes to just such a bias. Alternative medicine is
gaining in influence; and, I think eventually all of the relevant journals
will be indexed.

Best wishes and thanks for keeping the chemistry straight,

Paul S.