The Genesis Factor (was: "I am sick of compromise!...")

Vernon Jenkins (
Sat, 08 May 1999 00:10:54 +0100

Greetings Dan:

I am new to this list and take the opportunity of opening my account by
commenting on your remarkable suggestion that "... its a wonder
biological evolution was not deduced from Christian theology!". In my
view, the essay 'Evolution and the Christian God' - provided to back up
the idea - fails to acknowledge some important considerations. For

1) The Lord himself warns us to test the fruits of every doctrine before
we accept it as being true (Mt.7:15-20). On this basis - as I'm sure
you'll agree - evolution has a poor track record. This alone, in my
view, should be a major deterrent to all who accept Christ as the way,
the truth, and the life. [To those who will point to the many bad things
perpetrated by the Church, past and present, let me say this: wherever
and whenever the Lord's teachings have been properly applied, great
goodness and blessing have followed].

2) The Lord warns us further that we cannot serve two masters (Mt.6:24).
Are you not aware that evolution carries with it a subtle imperative?
How else can we explain man's enchantment with it? As far as the TE is
concerned it is, moreover, the dominant master!

3) I am troubled by the clear statements (Gn.1:20-25) that birds were
created before land animals. How do you accomodate this fact within a
divinely-ordained evolutionary process?

And one you couldn't have foreseen:

4) Recently, on another list, attention was drawn to Gn.1:1, and good
reasons were given for regarding it, theologically, as the most
important verse of the Torah. Significant then that recent research
reveals it to be even more than that: it turns out to be the most
remarkable combination of words ever written! - its seven Hebrew words
being underpinned by a remarkable structure of coordinated numerical
geometries - themselves linked with the Creator's name. These phenomena
are described at the URLs given below; they provide conclusive evidence
of the Being and Sovereignty of a God more than capable of doing all
that the scriptures describe.

For these (and other) reasons I therefore remain unconvinced by your



Vernon Jenkins MSc
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