Re: visions of what?!?

George Andrews (
Fri, 07 May 1999 09:40:11 -0400

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Wayne Dawson wrote:

> However, I lack the philosophical prowess to wage a suitable argument
> to counter this recent secular naturalist' attack.

Be of good cheer and enjoy the conversation; souls are not won by
argumentation; but by the Grace of God's intervention.

> Does anyone on this list have some suggestions on suitable arguments
> to counter the secular naturalist' assertion that "visions of space
> aliens" and "visions of the kingdom of God" are identical and
> therefore false.
> deeply obliged

Here is my humble attempt, but it is not a refutation but an acknowlegment
of the dilemma.

By definition, all "visions" occur in the mind - as does any information
we humans process. Thus, to distinguish which "experiences" are "genuine"
presupposes a standard or reference; and - as you are well aware - there
is no absolute reference in nature (and here I include the human mind most
emphatically!) to which we can turn to for objective discernment. Simply,
I am acknowledging the problem of defining psychological phenomenon
(religious or otherwise!) as being genuine - in the sense of "God did it"
vs. false in the sense that "Aliens did it" - as intractable (have you
seen "The Matrix"?).

Without doubt, something very "real" happened to the individual! It is my
opinion electrical stimulus that physically occurred to "cause" the vision
was the only "real" thing that occurred; it is the "interpretation" as
being "caused" by aliens, chemicals, Budda, stress, Krishna, Jesus, LSD (I
guess this is a chemical too isn't it), ect. are culturally and
subjectively motivated finding bases upon prevailing (individually and
socially) norms of the individual; i.e. community (see Essays in
Posfoundationalist Theology by van Huyssteen and ref. therein for some
great discussion regarding this great issue of religious experience).
Hence, without a direct and purposed "act of God" - the Christian World
View Presupposes this literally - one interpretation IS as "good" as any
other in the psychological sense of ascribing meaning to the neurological

Only God can "save"! As you know, ours is to bear witness to this
"reality": Jesus Loves You This I Know....!


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