Re: Life in the Lab -- Fox and the Nobel Prize

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>> References, Please.
>I see you are still playing games. I told you where you can find references
>(at <>), including a symposium by Fox describing his
>work. I will give more when I post my essay. You in turn ignored my post
>Fox's symposium, you ignored my posts explaining where you could find
>references, you refuse to discuss the scientific merits of Fox's work,
>prefering to bad-mouth him instead, and you won't provide any substantial
>biological argument for why Fox could not have created life in the lab. You
>could easily find those references yourself by going to MedLine (your
>university library webpage whould have a link to it) and searching for
>Why should I do your work for you, when you will probably just ignore me
>if I did?

Thanks, Kevin, but what I wanted was articles claiming the proteinoid
microspheres were alive. Non of the cited references make such a claim.