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I do not see anything about life in the titles you submitted. Please
explain! Moorad

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>> References, Please.
>I see you are still playing games. I told you where you can find
>(at <>), including a symposium by Fox describing his
>work. I will give more when I post my essay. You in turn ignored my post
>Fox's symposium, you ignored my posts explaining where you could find
>references, you refuse to discuss the scientific merits of Fox's work,
>prefering to bad-mouth him instead, and you won't provide any substantial
>biological argument for why Fox could not have created life in the lab.
>could easily find those references yourself by going to MedLine (your
>university library webpage whould have a link to it) and searching for
>Why should I do your work for you, when you will probably just ignore me
>if I did?
>For the benefit of those who, unlike Art, really want to learn about this,
>here is a list of references.
>In _Science_:
>Fox SW, Harada K. 1958. "Thermal copolymerization of amino acids to a
>product resembling protein." 128:1214.
>Fox SW, Wang C-T. 1968. "Melanocyte-stimulating hormone activity on
>properties of amino acids." 160:547-8.
>Fox SW, Harada K, Hare pe, Hinsch G, Mueller G. 1970. "Bio-organic
>compounds and glassy microparticles in lunar fines and other materials."
>Fox SW, Windsor CR. 1970. "Synthesis of amino acids by the heating of
>formaldehyd and ammonia." 179(961):984-6.
>In _Nature_:
>Fox SW. 1964. "Thermal polymerization of amino acids and production of
>formed microparticles on lava." 201:336-7.
>Fox SW, Krampitz G. 1964. "The catalytic decomposition of glucose in
>aqueous solution by thermal proteinoids." 203:1362-4.
>Some of the top peer-reviewed journals Fox has been published in:
>Annals of the New York Academy of Science
>Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysiology
>Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology
>Journal of Bacteriology
>Journal of Molecular Evolution
>Some of the people who have replicated Fox's work:
>Aristotel Pappelis
>Donald Ugent
>Duane L. Rohlfing
>K- Harada
>Klaus Dose
>Paul Melius
>Koichiro Matsuno
>Peter R. Bahn
>R.M. Ottenbrite
>Alexander T. Pol
>R. Rosen
>Etsuo Kokufuta
>In short Art, this is real research, being done by a wide variety of
>who are getting consistent easily reproducible results, and not some
>person's fantasy.
>Rather than rely on your ignorance, go read the scientific literature, Art.
>Kevin L. O'Brien