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> References, Please.

I see you are still playing games. I told you where you can find references
(at <>), including a symposium by Fox describing his
work. I will give more when I post my essay. You in turn ignored my post of
Fox's symposium, you ignored my posts explaining where you could find
references, you refuse to discuss the scientific merits of Fox's work,
prefering to bad-mouth him instead, and you won't provide any substantial
biological argument for why Fox could not have created life in the lab. You
could easily find those references yourself by going to MedLine (your
university library webpage whould have a link to it) and searching for them.
Why should I do your work for you, when you will probably just ignore me even
if I did?

For the benefit of those who, unlike Art, really want to learn about this,
here is a list of references.

In _Science_:

Fox SW, Harada K. 1958. "Thermal copolymerization of amino acids to a
product resembling protein." 128:1214.

Fox SW, Wang C-T. 1968. "Melanocyte-stimulating hormone activity on thermal
properties of amino acids." 160:547-8.

Fox SW, Harada K, Hare pe, Hinsch G, Mueller G. 1970. "Bio-organic
compounds and glassy microparticles in lunar fines and other materials."

Fox SW, Windsor CR. 1970. "Synthesis of amino acids by the heating of
formaldehyd and ammonia." 179(961):984-6.

In _Nature_:

Fox SW. 1964. "Thermal polymerization of amino acids and production of
formed microparticles on lava." 201:336-7.

Fox SW, Krampitz G. 1964. "The catalytic decomposition of glucose in
aqueous solution by thermal proteinoids." 203:1362-4.

Some of the top peer-reviewed journals Fox has been published in:

Annals of the New York Academy of Science
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysiology
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology
Journal of Bacteriology
Journal of Molecular Evolution

Some of the people who have replicated Fox's work:

Aristotel Pappelis
Donald Ugent
Duane L. Rohlfing
K- Harada
Klaus Dose
Paul Melius
Koichiro Matsuno
Peter R. Bahn
R.M. Ottenbrite
Alexander T. Pol
R. Rosen
Etsuo Kokufuta

In short Art, this is real research, being done by a wide variety of people,
who are getting consistent easily reproducible results, and not some deluded
person's fantasy.

Rather than rely on your ignorance, go read the scientific literature, Art.

Kevin L. O'Brien