Honoring the WOG

John W. Burgeson (johnburgeson@juno.com)
Thu, 6 May 1999 09:55:57 -0600

streutker@juno.com writes:

" I am sick of Compromise! That is why I am for Ken Ham because he
honors the Word of God "

I have met Ken Ham and I am convinced that he, indeed, does just that.

I have met many TEs of whom I can say likewise.

The issue is NOT who honors the WOG more/better/etc.

The issue is how are we to interpret it.

Ken Ham interprets it one way.

My dear friend, Duane Gish (of ICR), a YEC, a little differently.

My email friend, Pattle Pun, a PC, still differently.

My email friend, Brian Harper, a TE, differently still.

Kevin O'Brien, with whom I will have no more LISTSERV
discussions because of his caustic style of debate, differently still.

All of these -- and others -- honor the Holy Scriptures, as I do.

To ascribe only to the extreme YEC position/interpretation the
moral high ground is simply silly.


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