Re: Life in the Lab -- Fox and the Nobel Prize

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Thu, 06 May 1999 08:17:05 -0700

At 11:13 PM 5/5/99 EDT, Kevin wrote:

>Fox used the following characteristics to define life: cellularity,
>metabolism, reproduction, and response to external stimuli. Since the
>protocells he synthesized in the lab possess all these characteristics, they
>are alive. Since, despite his admission that he is no expert on cellular
>biology, Moorad is so adamant that Fox's protocells are not alive, I was
>trying to ascertain whether he had any evidence they they really did not
>possess one or more of these characteristics, or if he knew of another
>characteristic that life must have but which protocells did not possess.
>Instead he started talking about death. I really don't see how that is
>supposed to disqualify protocells from being alive.

References, Please.