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Wed, 05 May 1999 12:54:16 -0700

Hi E.G.

If you believe that God works all things for the good of the elect... The
issue of "mechanics" of faith should be no problem. As for naturalism for
faith (it applies only in the physical sense). But the soul is where it's
more than that. And until there is a "Holy Ghost Detector" I am sure that
science will never answer (if any) transcending issues.

The "Atom" was once a metaphysical concept - until the 20th century :)

Best Wishes,
William - N6RKY

Best Wishes,
William - N6RKY

E G M wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I return to throw a few questiona in your brainstorming machinery
> prompted by an article in NATURE, where experiments on religious
> persons are proposed in order to identify the chemical substance(s)
> responsible for religious experience(s) such as prayer, the baptism of
> the Holiy Spirit, etc. The article is to me alarming/disturbing and
> even affensive since I am a Christian.
> A bit more before the questions. I understand that the judeo-christian
> religion has "evolved" in the last 5k years or so. Obviously to me
> this type of "evolution" is short of being "naturalistic" since several
> "supernatural" events plus the inspired revelation of the scriptures
> ocurred, IMO, by interventions of the Divine in human affairs. Now.
> Do you (teistic evolutionists) believe in the naturalistic evolution of
> religion or religious experiences, in particular the judeochristian
> one?
> Would it bother you if scientists find a naturalistic explanation for
> your faith to explain away your particular preference and devotion,
> etc.?
> Are they "wrong" for assuming a priori that there must be a
> naturalistic explanation for religious experiences (faith)?
> Is the Holy Spirit in you a chemical alteration that first took place
> at conversion/baptism?
> Did this alteration happened supernaturally or naturally,
> mechanistically, as a meme propagation/replication?
> Well those are enough for now. I will hang up and "listen" to your
> comments. Thank you very much. And don't forget your mother this
> weekend.
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