Re: Life in the Lab

Peter Vibert (
4 May 99 10:54:06 -0400

Let me add a few words of support for Arthur Chadwick's views on Fox's
work : that it "is now considered by most origin of life advocates...
to have been a tiny detour down a road that led nowhere." I did not
know Fox, but trudged through much of the Fox and Dose literature back
in the 70s. Having spent 30 years working in structural biology,
biochemistry and cell biology, I can only say that I found Fox's
assertions about his microspheres totally unconvincing. The kind of
"data" he cited would be instantly dismissed as limited, ambiguous,
and wishful thinking in any professional-level journal of biochemistry
or cell biology. It was to me a sad commentary on origin-of-life
studies that their journals had such appallingly low standards.

Peter Vibert