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Dear Moorad:

Theistic Evolutionists do not necessarily advocate Unity of Knowledge. It
is held more frequently among theorists than practical science. Yes, I am
a theoritician. At least you have me pegged -- but not Theistic Evolution
itself. Most people in this camp agree that Man's Reason is insufficient.

But... We do have enough knowledge to realize that evolution is a part of
the creative process. And if one also believes in theism; then LOGICALLY,
Theistic Evolution is unavoidable. Any other conclusion would deny what's
known to science today. I pingeoned holed your comments because it seemed
typical of a fundamentalist/creationist point of view.

Now let's get into a little philosophy here: How can a monotheist deny it
to be true that there is no unity of knowledge (in this life or the next)
is beyond me! All knowledge is of God -- period.

Now let's do a little theology here: St. Thomas Aguinas's proofs for God,
he employs Ontological, Cosmological, and Teleological proofs. Because he
employed these methods (and more) it is certain that theologians have and
do subscribe to "some form of" Unity of Knowledge.

Is there enough to prove the case?? The answer is no. Theology like Unity
of Knowledge and Unified Theory still needs research and discovery. But a
case does exist and most theorists are heading in this direction as noted
in your original post. Even Stephen Hawking is relenting on his rhetorics
against God and Unified Theory.

Best Wishes,
William - N6RKY

Moorad Alexanian wrote:
> I must say that all the replies to many of my posts refer to "my or their
> position." I have no position but to question things that others state.
> Why must I be pigeonholed? Isn't theistic evolution a "unified theory" of
> science and religion? Why the denial!! The only thing I have ever said
> about Genesis is that the day we know everything about the beginning of the
> whole thing that day we will find that it is consistent with Genesis. [From
> Genesis I gather that there is a Creator. And from the NT I gather that that
> Creator is Christ himself.] Am I being accused of being spiritually dead???
> So much flak from fellow Christians! My words are addressed to those who
> claim to know it all. I say we know science and Christianity but do not know
> where the two meet---only God knows and He has not revealed it yet! Herein
> is a second tower of Babel amongst Christians.
> Moorad
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> >Brian D Harper wrote:
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> >> At 01:53 PM 4/27/99 -0400, Moorad wrote:
> >> >Theistic evolution always seemed to me as the way a Christian reconciles
> >> >his/her science with his/her Christian faith and so attempt to have
> his/her
> >> >cake and eat it too.
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> >> This is a rather insulting statement, Moorad. What evidence do you
> >> have that I am reconciling my faith and my science?
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> >> "All kinds of private metaphysics and theology have
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> >Dear Brian,
> >
> >Perhaps Moorad's statement is insulting, but it is not the issue which is
> >important. What is important is the inconsistancy of their position. It's
> >amazing to me how many people seem to interpret Revelation "symbolically"
> >and treat Genesis 1 and 2 literally. Then to top it off, bury their heads
> >in the sand when concerning science.
> >
> >Science does not bring salvation, but faith does. Because of this, I much
> >rather be with believers who lack scientific understanding when I fellow-
> >ship with others than be with those who have scientific understanding but
> >are dead spiritually.
> >
> >As for Moorad... The telescope or the microscope: It's just another epoch
> >of Coprinicus/Galileo/Columbus period in church history. Eventually, they
> >will grow fewer and fewer in numbers and be ranked with the flat earthers
> >which they emulate.
> >
> >If this is insulting... I apologize for that...
> >--
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