Re: Four Rivers Revisited

Steven H. Schimmrich (
Mon, 03 May 1999 15:38:20 -0400

Allan Roy wrote:
> I was trying to make the point that if the sediment was lain by water
> deposition, then one would not need fluids to percolate through the
> sediment because the sediments would already be highly saturated with
> fluids containing the cementing minerals in solution. The fluids would
> eventually leave the sediment (percolate out?) leaving it cemented
> together.

Let's turn this into a scientific discussion rather than armchair

You claim that most if not all Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks were
deposited during a single, geologically-recent global flood. The clastic
rocks were cemented together by minerals present in the flood waters as
these water-saturated sediments accumulated.

Perhaps you'd like to discuss the extensive literature on sedimentary
diagenesis. I would particularly like to know, for example, how trace
element analysis, cathodoluminescense examination, fluid inclusion
analysis, and oxygen and strontium isotopic values (among other things)
support your hypothesis.

It's easy to come up with hypothetical scenarios when you're not constrained
by data. If you, or other "flood geologists", can't defend your ideas with
field work and laboratory analyses, you're simply not doing science in my
opinion (and, I would dare to add, in the opinion of virtually all other
geologists I know).

- Steve.

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