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Moorad Alexanian (
Mon, 03 May 1999 14:38:57 -0400

I must say that all the replies to many of my posts refer to "my or their
position." I have no position but to question things that others state.
Why must I be pigeonholed? Isn't theistic evolution a "unified theory" of
science and religion? Why the denial!! The only thing I have ever said
about Genesis is that the day we know everything about the beginning of the
whole thing that day we will find that it is consistent with Genesis. [From
Genesis I gather that there is a Creator. And from the NT I gather that that
Creator is Christ himself.] Am I being accused of being spiritually dead???
So much flak from fellow Christians! My words are addressed to those who
claim to know it all. I say we know science and Christianity but do not know
where the two meet---only God knows and He has not revealed it yet! Herein
is a second tower of Babel amongst Christians.


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>Brian D Harper wrote:
>> At 01:53 PM 4/27/99 -0400, Moorad wrote:
>> >Theistic evolution always seemed to me as the way a Christian reconciles
>> >his/her science with his/her Christian faith and so attempt to have
>> >cake and eat it too.
>> This is a rather insulting statement, Moorad. What evidence do you
>> have that I am reconciling my faith and my science?
>> Brian Harper
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>> "All kinds of private metaphysics and theology have
>> grown like weeds in the garden of thermodynamics"
>> -- E. H. Hiebert
>Dear Brian,
>Perhaps Moorad's statement is insulting, but it is not the issue which is
>important. What is important is the inconsistancy of their position. It's
>amazing to me how many people seem to interpret Revelation "symbolically"
>and treat Genesis 1 and 2 literally. Then to top it off, bury their heads
>in the sand when concerning science.
>Science does not bring salvation, but faith does. Because of this, I much
>rather be with believers who lack scientific understanding when I fellow-
>ship with others than be with those who have scientific understanding but
>are dead spiritually.
>As for Moorad... The telescope or the microscope: It's just another epoch
>of Coprinicus/Galileo/Columbus period in church history. Eventually, they
>will grow fewer and fewer in numbers and be ranked with the flat earthers
>which they emulate.
>If this is insulting... I apologize for that...
>William A. Wetzel
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