Death before the fall

Ted Davis (
Mon, 03 May 1999 08:47:01 -0400

Kurt Streutker illustrates my comment, often made, that the fundamental
issue driving YEC is death before the fall. In response, I urge all to have
a go at the following website, where I have (finally) made available the
comments of Edward Hitchcock on this issue. Hitchcock was the leading
antebellum American geologist. He was also a founder of AAAS, president of
Amherst College, and pastor of the Congregationalist church in Amherst--good
enough that several of his sermons were published in book form.

I invite Mr. Streutker and others to comment on Hitchcock. I don't offer
his views as either my own reply, or the "last word" on the subject, but I
think they do make a good reply in their own right.

Ted Davis

URL for Hitchcock: