Re: I am sick of Compromise! That is why I am for Ken Ham because he honors the Word of God

Blaine D. McArthur (
Sun, 02 May 1999 08:35:12 -0700

I dashed these comments off just before rushing out the doo to church
this morning (late again....) so please forgive the cluttered

Isn't it amazing that GOD, not man, ordered the Israelites in the
wildernesss to institute the "disgusting" practice of animal
sacrifice. How could a loving God do such a thing? How could DEATH be
a part of his plan.

And then, He ordained that HIS OWN SON DIE. Can you believe it?????
I mean, why would God use DEATH as a part of his plan......

I hope you realize that I am being sarcastic. I live in fear and
trembling before the almighty creator of the universe and I love him
with all my heart and strength and mind.

Who are you Mr Streutker, to determine what our God would or would not
do. DEATH is apparently not something GOD is hesitant to use. wrote:

> ASA & Co.,
> Many apologists seem to side-step the whole issue of the "so-called"
> millions
> of years of death & suffering as it relates to the Creation account in
> Genesis.
> Have you delt with the theological, Biblical & philosophy behind the
> following statements?
> First: "Since God is the Author of Creation. . .Which every Christian
> would agree!"
> Is God also the Author of Millions of Years of Death, Bloodshed,
> Disease, Suffering, Mutations, and Extinction?
> In other words, is God going down the "Progressive Creation" highway
> of
> millions of years of time, leaving "Road-Kill" where ever He goes?
> Is God cruel, sadistic and extremely wasteful? Is that "Very" Good?
> Is that what the Bible clearly teaches?