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William A. Wetzel (
Sun, 02 May 1999 06:08:02 -0700

Brian D Harper wrote:
> At 01:53 PM 4/27/99 -0400, Moorad wrote:
> >Theistic evolution always seemed to me as the way a Christian reconciles
> >his/her science with his/her Christian faith and so attempt to have his/her
> >cake and eat it too.
> This is a rather insulting statement, Moorad. What evidence do you
> have that I am reconciling my faith and my science?
> Brian Harper
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> Applied Mechanics
> The Ohio State University
> "All kinds of private metaphysics and theology have
> grown like weeds in the garden of thermodynamics"
> -- E. H. Hiebert

Dear Brian,

Perhaps Moorad's statement is insulting, but it is not the issue which is
important. What is important is the inconsistancy of their position. It's
amazing to me how many people seem to interpret Revelation "symbolically"
and treat Genesis 1 and 2 literally. Then to top it off, bury their heads
in the sand when concerning science.

Science does not bring salvation, but faith does. Because of this, I much
rather be with believers who lack scientific understanding when I fellow-
ship with others than be with those who have scientific understanding but
are dead spiritually.

As for Moorad... The telescope or the microscope: It's just another epoch
of Coprinicus/Galileo/Columbus period in church history. Eventually, they
will grow fewer and fewer in numbers and be ranked with the flat earthers
which they emulate.

If this is insulting... I apologize for that...

William A. Wetzel
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