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Dear David,

One may say that at the molecular level molecules behave in a mindless way,
which they do. However, statistical mechanics describes the regularity of
the macroscopic behavior of such a system. When a theorist writes down a
mathematical model that describes nature and makes correct predictions,
that certainly is not mindless. If to create the theory that successfully
describes nature is not mindless, how can the whole thing come about without
a Mind? The mindlessness that educators are telling us about is pure
nonsense. It is logically inconsistent to insist that one needs a mind to
understand nature and to claim, at the same time, that nature is mindless.
It is true that matter cannot reason but its behavior is "reasonable." Man
certainly reasons and that is the image of God in man.

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>>Phil: It sure does, and it ought to fascinate everybody. You know, it's
>>most interesting topic in the world. Are we the products of a mindless,
>>material process like the educators are telling us today? Or, are we here
>>because a purposeful creator, who cares about us and what we do, brought
>>into existence for a purpose? That's the issue.
>The initial question is not worded well. Disregarding the issue of
>evolution and simply focusing on growth, our bodies are unquestionably the
>product of a lot of mindless material processes such as the assembly of
>proteins by ribosomes, cell growth and division, DNA transcription, etc.
>The real question is whether we are the products of mindless, material
>processes ALONE or whether God acts BOTH through and above such processes.
>David C.