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Moorad Alexanian (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:00:11 -0400

Dear Chuck,

I agree with everything you say. The first part because that is science and
the second part because I am a Christian. However, a scientist who is an
atheist could agree only with the former and claim that the latter is pure
nonsense. In my view the amount of brains we must use to describe nature
implies an intelligence beyond ours that has had something to do with what
our inquiries and musings. I believe C.S. Lewis was right when he wrote that
reasoning is supernatural.

Take care,


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>In your response to David Campbell, you state,
> "... A truly fundamental theory of evolution will then be predictive
>as it is in
>> physics and so life will be predicted to occur from nonliving matter and
>> nonliving matter can be predicted to evolve into the complexity that we
>> observe at the micro level and its manifestation at the macro level.
>> Certainly such an ambition theory does not include God. Of course, I do
>> not
>> believe that such a theory exists. "
> Even if such a theory would exist (and I agree with you that it does
>not), I would maintain that it would only hold because God sustains and
>upholds the universe and that, without Him, the universe would operate in a
>pseudo-random (imperfect random) fashion or cease to exist.
> Chuck Vandergraaf
> Pinawa, MB