Re: dinosaur footprints again

Blaine D. McArthur (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 23:09:25 -0700

The Laetoli footprints are in a layer of tuff (ash) , not lava. (ouch
ouch ouch)

There was a pretty interesting "popular" article in the September 1998
issue of Scientific American about this site and these footprints. It
focuses, of course, on the famous hominid footprints - No mention of
dinosaurs. : )

A more technical account by anthropologist Tim White and Gen Suwacan be
found in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology 72:485-514; 1987

Allen Roy wrote:

> > From: David Campbell <>
> > Depending on what strata are assigned to the Flood, a more extreme
> > footprint problem is present in the Pliocene of East Africa.
> Laetoli,
> > famous for hominid footprints, has tracks of everything from
> elephants to
> > millipedes. National Geographic had an article several years ago.
> I remember see that years ago too. It would be interesting to study
> this
> layer in detail. I thought I was a layer of lava. ?
> Allen