Re: Four Rivers Revisited

Allen Roy (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 19:49:22 -0700

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> This also raises another question. Since the post-flood Asshur goes back
> 5000 BC or so, when are you dating the Flood?

Most dates like this are C14 or dendrochronology dependent, both of which
have their problems.

In a Flood catastrophe model, the atmosphere would be disrupted and the C14
equilibrium is disequilized (is that a word?). After the end of the
Asteroid storm and the atmosphere regains an equilbrium, then C14 would
begin to build up to equilibrium again. What this does to C14 dating in
the ranges beyond 2000-3000 years BP is to artifically inflate the dates.

The correlations between sections of tree rings is done by statsitical
analysis assisted by C14 dating of the sections. Thus, any inflation in
C14 dating is transferred to dendrochronology.