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Dear John,

The difficulty many people have is to know the true nature of science. In
particular, what is science and what it is not. Those who advocate that
science is all--explains everything--are ipso facto atheists. The safest and
most logical attitude scientists who are Christians can take is to learn
Scripture and learn science and realize that where they meet may be, and
actually is, beyond our ability to know. Let us not dwell in those
speculative areas and instead learn solid Scripture and solid science.

Take care,


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>To further your point, once truths are revealed, true knowledge can be
>attained, and therefore true science may be attained. Science without God
>is a bottomless pit, because through the eyes of the soul who has not God,
>all "ethical" science is strict empirical observation. Paul clearly states
>that this is NOT the walk of a believer, "For we walk by faith, and not by
>sight." Further, lest you reduce faith to what I see as the foolishness of
>"cotton-candy" christianity, faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for,
>EVIDENCE of things not seen. Why in the world would you think the apostles
>spoke of the faith with such preciousness, such wonder? Having REAL faith
>is to possess the desire of nations. It is have the answer EVERYBODY is
>independantly seeking. There are no questions in faith, because faith has
>all the answers! Why do you think Paul admonishes Timothy to avoid 'old
>wives tales' and everything else that doesn't result in Godly edifying?
>No, you see, it is your very own reasoning that frieghtens others from
>entering into the truth that all things are from God, and can ultimately be
>traced back to Him. Your reasoning is common as well, but it is like the
>common conception of the black hole, it's massive pull sucks you in, you
>obliterated in the middle, and nobody knows what comes out on the other
>Stick with the bible. God knows what he's talking about regardless of what
>you think. Regardless of what I think, or anybody else, for that matter.
>Christ didn't receive testimony from man because he didn't want to be
>bothered with differing views from his well respected peers. No, Christ
>didn't receive testimony from man because he knew what was in man. How can
>a blind man give accurate comment on the beauty of a sunset? How can a
>man do the same for the majesty of the sound of a waterfall such as the
>Niagra? Man is a worm. Who are you to reply against God?