Re: Phil Johnson on Focus on the Family

Keith B Miller (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 22:44:03 -0500


>I fully agree that an accomplished faculty member who is a Christian ought
>to witness to the whole campus. As a scientist I am not afraid to speak out
>on issues of evolution/creation. However, I can imagine how intimidated some
>Christians may be who are not scientists or are not sufficiently confident
>to withstand the negative reactions that believers receive. I must say that
>I agree almost 100 % with that Phil Johnson says.

You missed my point. I have not received those "negative reactions" that
you imply above. Evangelicals are often good at being intimidated by
scholarship. They often deserve the criticism they receive in the
university because of shallow scholarship and poorly thought out arguments.

Note: I do not mean to imply that in some departments and in some
universities there is not a general atmosphere that is hostile to people of
faith. I know that in some cases it is there. However, that has not been
my experience.


Keith B. Miller
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