Re: Phil Johnson on Focus on the Family

Howard J. Van Till (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 08:55:20 -0400

>>At one point Phil said that the reason
>>Christian higher education does not take a hard stance against
>>evolutionary theory is beause the parents of the students that attend
>>these schools want their kids to go on to ivy league schools and
>>therefor must be educated in the secular theory of evolution in order
>>for this to happen.

To which Art replied:

>Am I missing something here? Did he say something that was not true?

Art. I am one of those persons in Christian higher education who finds the
scientific concept of evolutionary development (not its extrapolation into
a comprehensive naturalistic worldview) to be highly credible. Would you
therefore say that Phil would be correct to conclude that I hold this
position merely to please the parents of my students?

Howard Van Till