Re: A question for Progressive Creationists

Morton, Glenn (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 06:37:02 -0500

Pattle Pun ( wrote on
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 13:17:45 -0500 (CDT) :

>Although I have not thoroughly researched the new anthropological
>finds, the discovery seems to be consistent with my view that "a
>considerable part of the economic culture as God gave it to humans before
>the Fall might have been lost at an early date and then rediscovered
>gradually" as suggested by Gen. 3:17-19. In other words, humans
>devolved" after the Fall and then graudual cultural and physical
>development took place to the stage of modern man. I think "Progressive
>Creationism" is still a robust position in the discussion of
>Creation/Evolution, as suggested by a recent article in PSCF (Dec. 1998?)

Several questions:

What is the evidence of the 'devolving'?

What article do you outline this idea?

Do you think Neanderthal is a 'devolved' human? Why?
(Neanderthal was physically stronger than modern man and his brain size
averaged around 1700 cc vs. the modern average of around 1400 cc. So
exactly who is devolved?)

Are Neanderthals considered 'devolved' only because they are different(and
maybe uglier) than us?

Which archaeological cultures represent this devolved culture?

Can you point me to one of your articles in which you identified the culture
that was devolved?

Can you point me to one of your articles in which you said that Neanderthal
was human?

Can you point me to one of your articles in which you said that Adam was
prior to
150,000 years ago?

(I ask these last three questions because you are implying that your
Creationism anticipated these types of discoveries and I have never seen
such a suggestion made by a progressive creationists (PC). PCs rarely extend

human chronology prior to 100kyr. And even rarer is the PC who incorporates
Neanderthals into the human family. I want to know who was the author of
such a PC view?
I also ask for this because unless one has specifically stated which
cultures were the
devolved ones and precisely how Neanderthals fit into the human family; one
has done
nothing more than advocate an amorphous and highly retrodictable set of
beliefs which
are incapable of satisfying the requirements of prediction. Specificity is
the stuff of
prediction; Nostradamus' prophecy's are an example of amorphous, highly