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Theistic evolution always seemed to me as the way a Christian reconciles
his/her science with his/her Christian faith and so attempt to have his/her
cake and eat it too. To the scientist to whom science is the only way of
knowing, theistic evolution seems as being somewhat contrived and thus
irrational. To the Christian who does not accept evolutionary ideas,
theistic evolution is a very slippery slope leading to a theory of origins
without a Creator. The God of the gaps is in full swing in theistic


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Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 1:32 PM
Subject: Phil Johnson on Focus on the Family

>Did anyone get a chance to listen to Dr. Phil Johnson on Dr. James
>Dobson's Focus on the Family radio show today? They basically trashed
>Darwinistic Evolution during the beginning of the show and moved into
>trashing Theistic Evolution and anything else that included evolutionary
>theory. By the end of the show they were accusing Christians that work
>in scientific academia as selling out to naturalism in order to further
>their own professional goals. At one point Phil said that the reason
>Christian higher education does not take a hard stance against
>evolutionary theory is beause the parents of the students that attend
>these schools want their kids to go on to ivy league schools and
>therefor must be educated in the secular theory of evolution in order
>for this to happen. They then went on to congratulate each other on
>their recent publications.
>So there you have it folks. Its the parent's fault that Christian
>higher education is a selling out by teaching evolutionary theory.