Re: Flood scenarios (was Precambrian Geology (1))

David Campbell (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:35:53 -0400

>As tsunamis spread out from the source and sweep inland they will loose
>energy to the point where the wave will stop and then begin to drain off.
>At the lower energy levels articulated skeletons and soft body parts can be
>more gently burried. In some places, as the waters drain off the newly
>deposited layers, some animals that have thus far survived the catastrophe
>could leave footprints. To be preserved, another wave (at its lower energy
>state) must sweep in and cover the prints with another layer of mud/sand.

But if the tsunamis are continuous enough to cover the earth with water,
they are not draining off. Also, this should produce a fining outward and
upward sequence, which again is not matched by the rock record. Deep-sea
deposits are very fine-grained, contrary to what should be the case if they
were subject to extensive cratering and backwash.

David C.