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An interesting point:

AJ Crowl has mentioned Gauge Theory in support for theism in the universe
which Frank Tipler (I believe) first cited in "Physics of Immortality". I
would like to point out that although Gauge Theory is central to "Unified
Theory" it is by no means established fact.

Also, questions of Universal Wave Function and Reductions are theoretical
as well.

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AJ Crowl wrote:
> Hi ASA,
> Egads... I actually agree with Moorad for a change...8-o
> Frank Tipler pointed out that according to modern gauge theories nucleons
> are continually being destroyed and re-created from their quantum fields at
> about a billion trillion times a second. What keeps everything in being from
> one moment to the next? Only God's Being seems adequate as a guarantor of
> the World's continuity, being transcendent over the system.
> Adam
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> I have a hard time understanding the notion of a universe that does not need
> intervention by God. I thought Christians believed that the existence of the
> physical universe is contingent on the existence of God. Isn't that a direct
> form of intervention? It seems obvious to me that if we are far from
> determining the values of the fundamental constants by means of mathematical
> theories, then the manner in which God continuously sustains the universe
> into existence instant by instant, is astronomically more difficult. Herein
> lies a mystery that is unfathomable to the human mind? All we can do is to
> speculate and argue amongst ourselves about our speculations.
> Moorad

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